Feel Good Centre Eindhoven.

You have probably walked, or cycled ,frequently, without realizing that on Ouvreture 91 there is a unique centre where  a team of people with different expertise can help you with various problems and help you to feel good inside and out and look good inside and out.

At the Feel Good Centre Eindhoven we have 6 female specialists that have different expertise.

Inge: coaching

Suzanne: (sport) massage

Emmy: nutritional advice

Lieke: skin improvement and permanent make-up

Marion: foot reflex therapy

Annouska: hypnotherapy

All these ladies are self employed and work together in the Feel Good Centre Eindhoven.

The team is continually developing and strengthen each other, each one in their own expertise.

They are ready for everybody in Blixembosch, to help them in individual appointments or in workshops and to offer challenges.

You can feel in balance from inside and out.


Feel Good Centre Eindhoven

Ouvreture 91

5629PS Eindhoven



Social media: @feelgoodcentreeindhoven