A meal for someone else !!!!!

A meal for someone else!
Every day we ask ourselves, what will we eat today?
In almost all of the Netherlands a warm meal is served every evening but for some people who are
vulnerable and have been hit hard by the corona crisis this is , in reality very different.
Many of them have lost there work and income and are unable to find help.
With Red Cross maaltijd voor een andere(meal for someone else), you can for € 2, donate a warm
meal to someone who needs it.
We make the donation into a food packet or a shopping voucher and through our local partners
make sure that it reaches the people who need it most.
Do you want to donate a warm meal to someone who needs it, donatations can be made at giro
7244, IBAN NL19 INGB 0000 0072 44.
You can find more information on www.rodekruis.nl/maaltijd-voor-een-andere/
Susan Langermans.