Aida underground rubbish containers.

Do you want help stop the rubbish by the containers?

Cure, rubbish manegement company are finding,on a regular basis, filled yellow  rubbish bags containing plastic, tins and drink cartons by the orange containers on the Aida.






These yellow bags are not from Eindhoven and are not meant for our undergound containers.

The bags are to big and do not fit in the shute, if you force them in it can cause a stoppage, this also applies to blue and grey rubbish bags.

As a result of this, the rubbish is left next to the container.

You can help by using the right type of rubbish bags, rubbish bags that are not bigger than 50 L

are perfect and can be bought in any supermarket.

Thankyou for your help!

Cure rubbish manegement Team.