Artikelen door Jan Willem Kooijmans

General members meeting Blixembosch.

  General members meeting Blixembosch. Although we have had a challenging (activities) year behind us, I would like to say hopefully that 2021 will be a better year, where will be able to get together in a more enjoyable way to share our experiences of the year. We will therefore invite you to our General […]

Aida underground rubbish containers.

Do you want help stop the rubbish by the containers? Cure, rubbish manegement company are finding,on a regular basis, filled yellow  rubbish bags containing plastic, tins and drink cartons by the orange containers on the Aida.           These yellow bags are not from Eindhoven and are not meant for our undergound […]

Neighbourhood Watch Blixembosch.

Neighbourhood  Watch Blixembosch Firstly Happy new year to everyone! 2020 was a weird year. We, the neighbourhood watch team have continued to walk through our neighbourhood, of course taking the rules from the RIVM into consideration. In the last year our neighbourhood has been a safe place: The number of house broken into has dropped(this […]

Road sweeping in Blixembosch.

Road sweeping in Blixembosch To all in the neighbourhood, we do the clearing-up of all the open spaces in your neighbourhood. Twice a year we come and clear all the roads and this is what we expect when we come to do our work. It makes our job easier if all cars and caravans etc […]

Breast cancer Early Warning Scans.

The world stands still when, as a women you, get diagnosed with breast cancer. Four women from our neighbourhood are part of the foundation YvYa. Marianne van de Sande en Vinuta Hegde are active with the think tank and Barbara Giovagnoli and Marijke de Hullu are committee members. The foundation YvYa support the development of […]

Brief van de Lumens groep ivm vervanging Jongerenwerk van stichting Cement.

Beste vereniging / organisatie,  In 2015 is Lumens gestart met haar werkwijze Inspireren – Leren – Werken. Jeugdwerkers van Dynamo zijn in wijken en buurten actief en bouwen samen met jongeren talentontwikkelingsplatforms. Voorbeelden van succesvolle talentontwikkelingsplatforms die sindsdien samen met jongeren zijn ontwikkeld zijn Buurthelden, Zakgeldkanjers, Commit040, Masterchef, AllSports, PSV United, &Jij, UrbanLab040 en 6V6. […]