Bingo Prizes , senior work group.

Bingo prizes

We have had several nice reaction to our request to look in your cupboards and have a clear out, but maybe you missed our first request, so here it is again!

Is this sound familiar? You receive a Christmas box, or you have a prize from the postcode lottery, or a birthday present, that maybe you don’t want or like, this then stay’s in the cupboard unopened.

Well why not take a quick look in your cupboards, are there unopened presents? Why not give these a second chance. These unopened, unused presents can be used to make someone else happy.

In 2021 the Senior work group Blixembosch will once again organize Bingo and what better way to give these unwanted presents a second lease of life.

If you have anything to give, you can hand it in during the opening times of the community centre, VTA Blixems.

Mieke Hezemans