Butterfly coaching in our Neighborhood. 08a

Butterfly coaching in our Neighborhood.

A butterfly belongs at home in nature, and that is the specialty of butterfly coaching “coaching in
nature with Hanneke”.
Hanneke Bergman has lived in the Gustave Flaubertlaan here in our neighborhood since 1998 and
during this time she has made a lot of friends and gathered a lot of knowledge of the area.
Hanneke`s 3 children were all born and brought-up in Blixembosch and are still involved in various
Hanneke specializes in the accompanying people with autism and she gradually discovered that
walking in the nature with her clients produced better results, this coming from the quiet in the
nearby woods and fields. With much enthusiasm Hanneke decided to go off in another direction and
become a self-employed walking coach in our neighborhood, but first she successfully completed the
training course as wandel-coach Nederland.
Butterfly coaching involves helping mentally, people who have got in a rutt in their work, or their
relationships through coaching them to other thoughts and give them new energy to be able to deal
with the problems that they face.
During the 1 to 1 ½ hour walks in the nature, Hanneke will talk in a relaxed manner with time and
attention to the questions that the client has and also see which environments are pleasant or
unpleasant experience’s.
The different element’s in nature help the client to join acceptance of their situation and insight to
find a solution (take action)to change the situation they find themselves in.
Or triple A: Attention, Acceptance and Action.
The starting point is that you yourself can find answers to the questions of life that are frequently
asked and Hanneke will help to find the insight themselves so that they can make the right decisions
that will help to form a more relaxed future.

E-mail: hanneke@vlinder-coaching.nl
Site: www.vlinder-coaching.nl
Tel Nr: 06 41358005
Herman Coenjaarts.