Update on De Plasteau ! ( okt 2020 )

Update on De Plateau
If you have taken a walk around De Velden going towards De Plateau you may have wondered why it
appears that the work has stopped, well that is because the first phase is finished. The council and
the contractors moved a lot of ground, the whole area is now ready to build on and the roads and
paths can now clearly be seen.
What is the plan now??
The developer BPD has this week given a short update.
Phase 2 is being worked on behind the scenes, at the moment the council are researching into all
aspects of the development of the houses, this will then be put before the Welstandcommissie, there
after the all the permits should be given.
The architect bureau SVP will then make an image plan that will be further made concrete and the
program will then be finalized.
What does that mean for interested parties? It is expected that the concrete plans will be presented
in the 2 nd quarter 2021. Depending on the interest from potential new residents it is expected that
the building will commence at the end of 2021, this is expected to take about a year to complete. It is
expected that half way through 2022 the first new residents will be able to move in to De Plateau.
Margreeth Haagsman

Youth Blixembosch ( okt 2020 )

The team from the Youth disco are also shocked by the increase of positive tests of the corona virus.
We realize that this is a strange time for all our youth’s, but we don’t want to take any risks by letting
the youth disco go ahead. We do not ,as the neighbourhood association, want to be responsible for
further infections, so unfortunately we have taken the decision to cancel the youth disco in October,
November and December.
This ahs not been an easy decision to make as before the corona the youth disco was very busy. It
was fun to get together with school friends, neighbours and sport buddy’s, to chat and also dance.
Also together with the youth centre we had some new idea’s for the youth of Blixembosch but
unfortunately Corona has interrupted this for the time being. Hopefully we will be able to pick this up
again in the future.
So It is to Youth Blixemboschbe continued………

Rene van den Hove

Sinterklaas celebrations ( okt 2020)

Sinterklaas celebrations.
Over the last year’s we have always had a big Sinterklaas celebration in the community centre
Blixems, with lots of games and music and of course the Piets for all the children.
Unfortunately this year with all the rules around Corona it isn’t possible for Sinterklaas and his helper
Piets to visit us in the community centre .
We will invite Sinterklaas and his Piets to come to the community centre again in 2021 so that we can
once again enjoy all the fun and games again.

Bas Beekmans


Blixemkids are organizing Laser games !!!!!! ( okt 2020)

Blixemkids are organizing Laser games.
So which boy or girl want to be active on the Aanschot??
What are we going to do? Laser games of course!!! How? There are various ways we can do it taking
on different teams, it is fight for the honour! In between the fights is there time for something to
drink and something sweet and then we go again…..
For: children from Blixembosch out group 3 through to 8
Where: Aanschotpark – meet by the needle
When: Friday 30 October2020
Time: 16.30 until 18.15
Cost: for member of the wijkvereniging € 3.00 and non-members € 6.00
The children will be in mixed groups ranging from young and the older children.
If there are a lot of participants we can have a second group of the older children, but this will take
place in the dusk/dark. This second group will take place from 18.45 until 20.30.
Interested? Then fill in the form here under and drop it in the letterbox from Irene op den Buijs at
John Keatslaan 10.
You do not need to pay straight away ,this will be done by a Tikkie, as soon as the Tikkie is paid then
is participation final.

Name child 1:……………………………………………………………………………..group………………member Y/N
(full name)
Name child 2:…………………………………………………………………………….group………………..member Y/N
Name and telephone number parent/guardian:………………………………………………………………………..

Sign-up before 25 October 2020

Latest News from Blixembosch International Community.

Blixembosch International Community

Meeting other people can be difficult for expats living in the neighbourhood – that is why we are organizing our monthly Expat Meet, where you can meet other people in Blixembosch in a casual way. Come and join us, we will help you to integrate in a better way.

Expat Meeting Point:

The next meeting will be held on

Tuesday October 6, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Location: VTA Blixems, Ouverture 2

Theme: Halloween.

The participation is free for everyone, but you do have to register in advance by email to:


The meeting on Thursday is cancelled.

Halloween-pompoen op begraafplaats in pop-artstijl | Gratis Vector

22. Announcing Photo Exhibition 2020 ERICAMERA.

Announcing Photo Exhibition 2020 ERICAMERA

Photoclub Ericamera would like to announce their yearly exhibition.

Under the influence of the covid 19 pandemie all the members of the club have had to adjust to the new situation, the forum evenings and even the trips out together proved to be a challenge.

After adapting ways to get together, we were able to, by video chats combined with meeting together following the 1.5 metre guidelines, to look at and discuss all our photo’s.

We hoped to stimulate and create enthusiasm by finding assignments that would challenge our members to experiment in their own environment.

The assignments included “negative space”, selfportait( with some limitations), light,dark, sharp or not sharp and a few other things. The restrictions of the lockdown, and the use of this new way of working , has not caused a decline in quality that as been produced, on the contrary our knowledge and pleasure has only increased.

This year we will be holding our exhibition on 7th and 8th November 2020 and will be found in the community centre VTA  Blixems on the Ouverture 2, 5629PVEindhoven.

Entry is free.

The opening times are on Saturday 7th from 12.00 to 17.00 and on Sunday 8th 11.00 to 17.00.

Before you can take a look at our website for all the latest information over the exhibition. www.ericamera.nl.

Ben van Veelen

20: IVN Public walk in the Autumn 2020

IVN Public walk in the Autumn 2020

To all you nature lover’s, because of the corona outbreak we had to cancel the spring and summer walks, but fortunately the worst seems to be over and hopefully it will stay that way, we want to start again.

Under the current government guidelines of 1,5 metre distancing it will mean that we will have to walk in smaller groups, this will mean groups of 10 per guide.

With this in mind we do ask that you have to sign-up beforehand.

So if you want to participate ,then we ask you to sign-up by sending an email to ivn.vev@gmail.com, in the mail we ask you to give your name, how many people you will be in your group and of course which walk you want to do( date and location).

Assignment to the walks will be done in order of signing-up.

The walking programme can be found on our website www.ivn.nl.vev

In Eindhoven North the following walks are planned:

Landgoed de Grote Beek on Sunday 13th and Sunday 20th september, start at 10.00 am at De tuin at the estate( by the carpark 12).

Aanschotse beemden: Sunday 4th and Sunday 18th October, start time 10.00 am at the carpark on Toladolaan.

We hope to see you soon so that we can enjoy nature together.


IVN Veldhoven, Eindhoven and Vessem.

43: Open Day by Tennis club Bokt.

Open Day by Tennis club Bokt.

On Saturday 3rd October 2020 we would like to welcome you to a corona proof open day to get acquainted with our tennis club and take part in a trial tennis or padel lesson.

There will be various committee’s from the tennis club available to tell you what we at the club have to offer, including recreational tennis, competion tennis, padel and which lesson packages are available.

The programme will begin at 11.00 and will conclude at 13.00 with there after a free lunch packet for all those who participated in a trial lesson.

During the 2 hours you can take part in an hour trial lesson from either tennis or padel.

After the lesson you will be given your lunch packet and here after you are welcome to stay and see the official opening of our padel track and also a demenstration training and a match featuring Sjeng Schalken, the former number 11 in the world.

Sign-up now on our website www.tvbokt.nl/opendag.

The open day is for all age groups.

You can also go to our website www.tvbokt.nl/aanbeiding  for all current offers and also the general terms and conditions.

Hopefully we will see you then.

From all the volunteers at Tv Bokt.


26: Expat meeting at Community centre VTA Blixems

Expat meeting at Community centre VTA Blixems.

Every month we organize a get together in the VTA Blixems for all internationals that live in Blixembosch.

These meetings take place once in the evening and once in the morning.

The idea is that all the internationals gather together socially and share experiences and also the different cultures , we also have dutch people that enjoy a chat and give advice if they can. It is an enjoyable experience.

We hope to welcome  in the following months even more expats.

If you have any idea’s you might think could be a part of these meeting we would like to hear from you, all ideas are welcome!

These meetings take place within the current guidelines of 1.5 metre distancing.

If you want to come along please sign-up by mailing blixemboschcommunity@gmail.com, you can also find us on Facebook Blixembosch International Community or meet up app International Community.

Meetings in 2020

Month                                                           10.00/12.00 Thursday                       20.00/22.00 Tuesday

October                                                                           1                                                           6

November                                                                       5                                                           3

December                                                                       3                                                            1


Why not come along!

Vinuta Hedge and Belen Casado

Zorba’s Taverna

Zorba’s Taverna

For the regular visitors to the shopping centre on the Ouverture they will have seen that we have a new Greek Restaurant in our neighbourhood.

Unfortunately because of the corona outbreak the opening was delayed, but on the 6 of June the doors finally opened, with less festivities than originally planned.

Zorba’s Taverna is a family run business which is run by Georgia and her two daughters, Jamilla and Chelly and with help from both her parents.

Georgia was born in Eindhoven and her Greek father in the past has run restaurants in Nuenen and in the eindhoven’s neighbourhood Vaartbroek, from this came the inspiration to open her own restaurant.

Georgia has always been charmed by the Blixembosch neighbourhood and found the people friendly and accessible so when the former ice salon became available her dream came true, and after a time of renovation  the new restaurant became reality with authentic Greek meals and drinks.

Foremost is the guest’s experience in our restaurant together with the quality of the food and service, that applies to the restaurant as well as the takeaway.

Zorba’s Taverna

Telephone:06 51506202

Facebook: zorba’s taverna.