General members meeting Blixembosch.


General members meeting Blixembosch.

Although we have had a challenging (activities) year behind us, I would like to say hopefully that 2021 will be a better year, where will be able to get together in a more enjoyable way to share our experiences of the year.

We will therefore invite you to our General members meeting, for the neighbourhood association Blixembosch, this is planned for 23 march 2021 at 20.00 in the community centre Blixems.

It will not be busy with activities but there will be necessary discussions to be had, also you will be able to mention that you would like to be ore involved in the neighbourhood and eventual give yourself up for member of the committee. There are 2 positions that are coming up for re-election, the current members have also said that they are open for re-election.

We hope to be able to welcome you all on the 23rd march.

The agenda and other information is available from 10th march  from

Koby Kooijmans,

Secretary neighbourhood committee.