Hard for Blixembosch. AED.

Hard for Blixembosch!

Typing error? No. The team Heart for Blixembosch wants to continue with the work in our neighbourhood.

In the last years we have, with much enthusiasm and creativity, have made our neighbourhood “heartsafe”. We now have AED`s hanging in various locations throughout the neighbourhood and several residents have followed the reanimation course, and in so doing so can be called up in our neighbourhood if they are needed.

This of course doesn`t mean we can sit back and relax as the AED`s need to be serviced and of course we are always looking to recruit new residents to take the reanimation course.

We have always been a group of 7 residents but unfortunately recently 3 have stepped down due to moving out of our neighbourhood, and another 1 will be leaving in the coming year. This means that the other remaining 3 members will be extremely busy, in short , you can guess, leads to the question, are you the enthusiastic and creative person or people who can come and strengthen our team ?

We get together about once in 2 months in the community centre, VTA Blixems, this is in the evening which enables us to have drink after the meeting.

Interested?? Contact us, before your read on this Blixemflitsen!,it is worth the trouble!!

For Heart for Blixembosch Rene Hermans

06 48530185 or hartvoorblixembosch@gmail.com