Heart for Blixembosch

Heart for Blixembosch
We are very pleased to announce that Albert Heijn and the Oliebollenbakker on the Ouvreture have
begun an action which they will donate any extra income to Heart for Blixembosch.
In the following time when you pay for your shopping you will receive coupon, with this coupon you
can buy ,at the oliebollen stall, 14 oliebollen or krentenbollen voor 8 euro`s instead of 10 euro`s.
For every coupen handed in, Heart for Blixembosch, will receive a small donation. This will be used
for buying AED`s and also servicing of those that already hang in our neighbourhood.
Thankyou to the Albert Heijn and the oliebollenbakker for the intatieve that will contribute to our
heartsafe neighbourhood.
Hart voor Bliembosch.
Rene Hermans.