Neighbourhood Watch Blixembosch.

Neighbourhood  Watch Blixembosch

Firstly Happy new year to everyone!

2020 was a weird year. We, the neighbourhood watch team have continued to walk through our neighbourhood, of course taking the rules from the RIVM into consideration.

In the last year our neighbourhood has been a safe place:

The number of house broken into has dropped(this comes also from the fact that we are all more at home)

The nuisnane and inconvinience caused by the youth has increased from other years, the reason for this is that the youth is bored.

All in all it has been good safe year in our neighbourhood, for facts and numbers for the last year I would point you to our website go to why buurtprevntie and you will find the information.

At the moment the neighbourhood watch team is 56 people strong, and this year we will be, together with the inforcement officers from Eindhoven council and the police keeping our neighbourhood safe.

We are also looking for new active members to join our group. After you have done a evenings training you will receive  a certificate and you will be able to join the neighbourhood watch. The  trainig is done by Eindhoven council, they also pay for the training, the cost to yourself is giving up 1 evening of your time to do the training.

Once you have your certificate, together with your walking buddy, you decide when, where and how often you go out. There is always a minimum of 2 people that walk around the neighbourhood together.

If at all possible we try to team you up with another person from your immediate neighbourhood. Do you maybe want to go out for a trial, to see what is like? That is possible , take up contact at

Of course you can get more information at

Although we have the neighbourhood watch keeping an eye on things it is still important that we all stay alert, our member come across cars that are open and not locked, this also applies to bicycles, do try to prevent this from happening.

The neighbourhood watch is seen all over the neighbourhood and that is fine and safe for everybody and your possesions. If you see anything out of the ordinary then telephone the police on 0800-8844 and report it.

Tips to prevent your house being broken into:

-Make sure your house looks lived in, leave a couple of lights on if you go out in the evening.

-Always lock your doors.

-Close all windows

-Never leave keys on the inside of a lock

-Never leave keys outside under a doormat or flower pot

-Place all ladders and kliko away

-Register you things on STOP HELING APP

Make sure your house is secure by going to , here you can find the fright things to prevent your house being broken in to.