Rubbisch Collection 18 september 2021.

Looking back at the successful rubbish collection by the volunteers in September, we have had to make decisions over what to
do this year.
Usually in March we do another collection which coincides with nationwide clean-up day, but with the current conditions to do
with Corona, we have taken the decision to move it to the autumn.
So on Saturday 18 th September 2021 we will hold our yearly clean-up of rubbish in our neighbourhood, this will coincide with
World Clean-up day. This is a worldwide initiatieve where people all over the world clear up the streets, parks, the countryside
and any other open area.
We hope to welcome as many enthusiastic volunteers, young and old as we did last year.
Once again we will provide a cup of tea or coffee before we start and a well earned sandwich when we finish and of course for
the younger collectors a diploma!
So why not put the date in your diaries Saturday 18 th September 2021 by the community centre Blixems.
Annie Ouborg/Tine v/d Velde(Work group litter).