Sign-up fot the contract circle from the red e cross.

Sign-up for the contact circle

For feeling safe and to prevent sressfull situations.

Are you prepared? Agnes is afraid that nobody will know if anything happened tp her at home. She is alone and doesn’t know many people in the neighbourhood, she has contact with her family but not on a daily basis.

What would happen if she was to fall in her home and became unable to reach her telephone?

Do you recognise this situation?

With the Red Cross contact circle you will not be forgotten. As a member of this group you will be part of a circle of people that keep an eye on each other. You will not just be forgotten.

How does the circle work? The members from a circle that have contact daily with each other and ask if everything is ok, this is mostly by telephone contact but can also be with an sms or an e-mail.

In this way you are not forgotten and you should not find yourself in a situation where you have no way of contacting anybody outside your home. The members of your circle contact each other in the same order so you get contact with the same person.

Do you want to be in a contact circle? Together with people in your neighbourhood , the will put together a contact circle.

If this appeals to you, contact us, we will invite you for a chat and discuss what options are open to you and what the best for you.

Susan Langermans

Rode Kruis Brabant-Zuidoost Coordinator

Contact circle 0626774590