Sport outside by TV Bokt.

Sport outside by TV Bokt
So many sporting activities are unable to go ahead with the current corona rules, but tennis and
padel is going ahead.
For anybody who wants to take part in these activities we have a special winter offer. This consists of
a winter membership for all, young or old, which enables you to tennis or padellen as often as you
want and whenever you want. You can also request 2 X tennis or padel clinic. A clinic will be in small
groups, it will be of 1 hour duration and will be given by an experienced player.
As a new member you will be welcomed to tv Bokt by a committee member and shown around and if
necessary you can hire a tennis racket for a small deposit. There are padel rackets and balls by the
padel courts.
So why not come along to our modern, active friendly club!!
We invite you to come and enjoy sport at our club, TV Bokt.
For the price and our terms of conditions we ask you to see our website click on
Winteraanbieding to sign up.
If you have any questions or require any more information please send an email to .
Pieter Stel