The generaal meeting is going digital on 23rdMarch 2021

From the Committee

The general meeting is going digital.

The yearly members general meeting for our neighbourhood association is on 23rd March 2021.

As we are still under the conditions due to Corona, and as they are expected still to be in place, we will be unable to have a meeting in the community centre Blixems, so we will be going on-line.

If you wish to take part in this on-line meeting you can sign-up by sending an e-mail to, you will then get instructions on how to log-in, you will also be sent a copy of the order of business.

Youth work is going to Lumens.

The youth work in Blixembosch is for many years led by the Cement. Youth worker Peter van Belen, is a well known face in our nieghbourhood and knows many of the youth.

The council in Eindhoven have decided that from 2021 the work will fall under Lumens, this group works together with Dynamo Youth group and is active in other neighbourhoods in Eindhoven. In 2021 the way they work will presented in the whole of Eindhoven.

This all means that we will be saying goodbye to the Cement group and of course this means to Peter to.

As well as the activities in the Youth centre, Peter also organized the yearly football tournament the Blixemscup.

The committee would like to thank Peter for all the work he has done for our neighbourhood and of course for the youth, when possible we will also physic goodbye.

The Chairmen.