The Red Cross, Thank You !!!!

A Big Thank you!!

In December/January have customers of the Albert Heijn Blixembosch donated their tickets from returning their bottles, and in total raised € 450.

This money will be going to the Red Cross, it will be used to set up the contact circles in Eindhoven.

In these contact circles are mostly lonely, elderly people living alone, they will be contacted 7 days a week to check that they are ok. If all is not well, a volunteer from the Red Cross will take appropriate action. This gives all the participants a safe feeling that they are not and will not be forgotten.

Want to know more then why not take a look on our website: Rodekruis/brabantzuidoost or phone 06-26774590 and ask for Marjolijn Poppeliers (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning)

Once again thank you all !!

Leo Huigen, Volunteer by the Red Cross Brabant South East