The Roeda sweeper is coming around Blixembosch

The Road sweeper is coming around Blixembosch.
Once again the roads are covered, and the drains are blocked as the leaves fall from the trees, this
can cause dangerous conditions, therefore it is fine that our roads are cleaned.
You to can help. When all the cars are parked along the roads it makes it difficult to clean up
properly, so with your help we can make it easier for those that do the cleaning.
The council cleans the roads twice a year( in the spring and in the autumn). They will do each
neighbourhood in 2 days, one day they do all the roads on the side from the even numbers and the
other day they do the side with the un-even numbers.
Therefore we ask you not to park your car on the side of the road that will be cleaned between 08.00
and 17.00.
There will be boards on the entrance roads to the neighbourhood indicating which area will be
cleaned and when.
In the current situation with more people working at home, it will be challenging for everybody to
move their cars so that the road sweepers are able to do a good job.
Here is the schedule:
Amerkaanse neighbourhood: Wednesday 18 November (even nrs) and Thursday 19 Noember (un-
even nrs).
Sprookjesbosch and the English neighbourhood: Monday 23 November(even nrs) and Tuesday 24
(un-even nrs)
Italian and French neighbourhoods: Wednesday 25 (even nrs) and Thursday 26 (un-even nrs).
The Edelsteen neighbourhood: This will be done at another time, keep your eyes on the information
The team that keep our roads clean do this the whole year round so that we can enjoy a clean
And of course a thank you for the volunteers who place the information boards .
Annie Ouborg( coordinator roadsweeping Blixembosch neighbourhood)