Youth Blixembosch ( okt 2020 )

The team from the Youth disco are also shocked by the increase of positive tests of the corona virus.
We realize that this is a strange time for all our youth’s, but we don’t want to take any risks by letting
the youth disco go ahead. We do not ,as the neighbourhood association, want to be responsible for
further infections, so unfortunately we have taken the decision to cancel the youth disco in October,
November and December.
This ahs not been an easy decision to make as before the corona the youth disco was very busy. It
was fun to get together with school friends, neighbours and sport buddy’s, to chat and also dance.
Also together with the youth centre we had some new idea’s for the youth of Blixembosch but
unfortunately Corona has interrupted this for the time being. Hopefully we will be able to pick this up
again in the future.
So It is to Youth Blixemboschbe continued………

Rene van den Hove