Hard for Blixembosch. AED.

Hard for Blixembosch!

Typing error? No. The team Heart for Blixembosch wants to continue with the work in our neighbourhood.

In the last years we have, with much enthusiasm and creativity, have made our neighbourhood “heartsafe”. We now have AED`s hanging in various locations throughout the neighbourhood and several residents have followed the reanimation course, and in so doing so can be called up in our neighbourhood if they are needed.

This of course doesn`t mean we can sit back and relax as the AED`s need to be serviced and of course we are always looking to recruit new residents to take the reanimation course.

We have always been a group of 7 residents but unfortunately recently 3 have stepped down due to moving out of our neighbourhood, and another 1 will be leaving in the coming year. This means that the other remaining 3 members will be extremely busy, in short , you can guess, leads to the question, are you the enthusiastic and creative person or people who can come and strengthen our team ?

We get together about once in 2 months in the community centre, VTA Blixems, this is in the evening which enables us to have drink after the meeting.

Interested?? Contact us, before your read on this Blixemflitsen!,it is worth the trouble!!

For Heart for Blixembosch Rene Hermans

06 48530185 or hartvoorblixembosch@gmail.com  



Feel Good Centre Eindhoven.

You have probably walked, or cycled ,frequently, without realizing that on Ouvreture 91 there is a unique centre where  a team of people with different expertise can help you with various problems and help you to feel good inside and out and look good inside and out.

At the Feel Good Centre Eindhoven we have 6 female specialists that have different expertise.

Inge: coaching

Suzanne: (sport) massage

Emmy: nutritional advice

Lieke: skin improvement and permanent make-up

Marion: foot reflex therapy

Annouska: hypnotherapy

All these ladies are self employed and work together in the Feel Good Centre Eindhoven.

The team is continually developing and strengthen each other, each one in their own expertise.

They are ready for everybody in Blixembosch, to help them in individual appointments or in workshops and to offer challenges.

You can feel in balance from inside and out.


Feel Good Centre Eindhoven

Ouvreture 91

5629PS Eindhoven



Social media: @feelgoodcentreeindhoven




Bingo Prizes , senior work group.

Bingo prizes

We have had several nice reaction to our request to look in your cupboards and have a clear out, but maybe you missed our first request, so here it is again!

Is this sound familiar? You receive a Christmas box, or you have a prize from the postcode lottery, or a birthday present, that maybe you don’t want or like, this then stay’s in the cupboard unopened.

Well why not take a quick look in your cupboards, are there unopened presents? Why not give these a second chance. These unopened, unused presents can be used to make someone else happy.

In 2021 the Senior work group Blixembosch will once again organize Bingo and what better way to give these unwanted presents a second lease of life.

If you have anything to give, you can hand it in during the opening times of the community centre, VTA Blixems.

Mieke Hezemans

Heart for Blixembosch

Heart for Blixembosch
We are very pleased to announce that Albert Heijn and the Oliebollenbakker on the Ouvreture have
begun an action which they will donate any extra income to Heart for Blixembosch.
In the following time when you pay for your shopping you will receive coupon, with this coupon you
can buy ,at the oliebollen stall, 14 oliebollen or krentenbollen voor 8 euro`s instead of 10 euro`s.
For every coupen handed in, Heart for Blixembosch, will receive a small donation. This will be used
for buying AED`s and also servicing of those that already hang in our neighbourhood.
Thankyou to the Albert Heijn and the oliebollenbakker for the intatieve that will contribute to our
heartsafe neighbourhood.
Hart voor Bliembosch.
Rene Hermans.

Straatvegen in November

November 2020

Blik opzij, dan kan de veger erbij 

De bladeren zijn weer gevallen. Ze liggen in de goten en op de straten. Dit kan gladheid veroorzaken. Daarom is het erg fijn als je een schone straat hebt. U kunt hieraan ook meewerken. Veel geparkeerde auto’s maken het moeilijk om de straten goed te vegen. Hiervoor hebben we uw hulp nodig. De gemeente laat minimaal 2 keer per jaar (1 x in het voorjaar en 1 keer in het najaar) uw wijk integraal in twee delen vegen. De ene dag de kant met de even huisnummers en de volgende dag de kant met de oneven huisnummers. We verzoeken u om uw auto niet te parkeren tussen 08:00 uur en 17:00 uur aan de straatkant die op die dag aan de beurt is.  Door middel van borden die langs de toegangswegen van uw wijk staan, ziet u wanneer uw deel van de wijk aan de beurt is.

Vooral in deze coronatijd – waarin zoveel mensen thuis werken –  is het een extra uitdaging om de auto weg te zetten zodat het veegwagentje erbij kan.

Op de onderstaande data wordt geveegd:

Maandag 23 nov (even nrs) Dinsdag 24 nov (oneven nrs) Sprookjesbosch en Engelse wijk


Woensdag 25 nov (even nrs) Donderdag 26 nov (oneven nrs) Italiaans en Franse wijk



De aannemers die Blixembosch onder hun hoede hebben, werken het hele jaar door om onze wijk mooi en netjes te houden. Dus niet alleen tijdens de integrale veegacties wordt er in de wijk geveegd!

Dank aan de vrijwilligers die de aankondigingsborden plaatsen.


Annie Ouborg (Coördinator Veegactie Wijkvereniging Blixembosch)

Email: annieouborg@hotmail.com

November 2020