Koningsdag 2021. Activiteiten.

Hoe vieren we Koningsdag in Blixembosch 2021.  Stand van zaken op 28-3-2021  ALLES ONDER VOORBEHOUD !!!!!!!!!!

  1. Op het Overture plein in de loop van de middag ,wordt de Koning uit onze wijk in het zonnetje gezet met live muziek en een eigen troon.
  2. Vanaf 14.00 uur tot 17.00 draai orgel muziek op het Overture plein en hij trekt ook door onze wijk.
  3. Het Overture plein wordt versierd via de balkons op het plein.
  4. Alle toegangsborden van de wijkvereniging, naar onze wijk worden door kinderen versiert .
  5. Ergens in de wijk wordt een symbool neergelegd dat vanuit de lucht goed te zien als. ( er komt die dag een Drone langs die alle wijken van boven af in beeld brengt.)
  6. De eigenaar van supermarkt op het Overture plein stelt gratis mandarijnen ter beschikking die door worden uitgedeeld in de wijk.
  7. Foto wedstrijd met oproep tot versieren van je straat, woning, fiets of alleen de vlaguit. ( facebook activiteit) .

Alles Coronaproef.  Onze buurtpreventen gaan ons helpen in het houden van afstand.

Digitale info voor de gehele  stad. https://koningvoor1dag.nl/

Blixembosch in cijfers .

Blixembosch in cijfers. 







Documenten bij bericht verkeerscommissie afslag Ekkersrijt maart 2021.

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De huidige situatie:





30rh Anniversary of the Neighbourhood association Blixembosch.

30rh anniversary of the neighbourhood association Blixembosch.
On the 22 nd of July 1991 is when it all began, which means this year is our 30 th year. Normally this
would be a good reason for a big celebration, but this year is everything different.
As we are still guided by the measures to prevent the spreading of the corona virus we are unable to
have a meeting, hopefully after the summer this will be different.
When this is the case the committee will get going so please keep an eye of any developments on our
website, facebook page and of in the Blixemflitsen.
In this our 30 th year the following activities or actions are planned:
1. Welcome signs at the entrance to the neighbourhood(These are conform to the model from
the council and are already in place(see foto in this magazine)
2. Celebrating Kings day – On the 27 th of April the council would like to see a small celebration
in each neighbourhood.We will be taking part in the King for 1 day project, so why not come
along to the Ouvertureplein on the 27 th April and take you place on the throne.
3.Celebration edition of Blixemflitsen – Looking back over the last 30 years in ourneighbourhood inpictures and some interviews with various people.
4. Neighbourhood party – The question is when and in what form this can take place, we let
you know at a later date.
5. Refurbishment and reopening the Jeu-de-boulebaan. The jeu-de-boulebaan next to the
community centre,blixems, the workgroup from the seniors are going to be organizing this.
6.Improving the acoustis in the community centre Blixems – By ajusting and adapting the décor

to improve the accoustis in various parts of the accomdation.

The Committee

Magic with the Familiespektakel 2021.

Magic with the Familiespektakel 2021.
The familiespektakel in Blixembosch is the traditional way to end the summer holidays. The moment
that the children are all looking forward to going back to school.
It also the moment when we get together and swap our holiday stories! On our very own terrace in
front of the party tent, while all sorts of activities are taking place, such as the Doe Market.
For 28 years the familiespektakel has been a place for getting together and meeting people from our
neighbourhood, big words maybe but very true, just look at all the activities which are organized for
and by Blixemboschers, we can be proud of ourselves.
As we said earlier, this year we going for it!!
The familiespektakel is back in 2021!!!
Make a note in your diary 3 rd ,4 th and 5 th september 2021.
What are we going to do? Will the usual programme take place? If we can then we will, as what is
good must stay that way. Ofcourse the corona rules and regulations that are in force at that moment
in time will be taken into consideration.
We hope that we can have a fun packed weekend on the Aanschotpark with activities for all old and
young Blixemboschers.
Think of the mini-disco, the blixemquizzz XXL, the marathon estafette from Blixemsnel, the zeskamp,
the toy market and of course an evening in the party tent and a chat on the terrace.
Which activities do you want to see at the 29 th familiespektakel, how can we make the end of the
summer party even beter?
Why not let us know your idea`s, also let us know when you want to help with organizing your idea.
We are always open for new creativity especially when it comes from our own Blixemboschers.
Oh yes the Theme for this , everbody is looking for fun, singing together, dancing together and taking
part in sporting activities together, we are all looking for a bit of magic in our lives, away with online
lessons, zoom or team meetings, the place for working at home, to name just a few.
Who is the master of magic?? That is naturally Disney and that is our Theme for this edition of the
familiespektakel…..crawl into the skin of Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Ariel, Elsa, Simba, Snowwhite,
Aladdin, Bambi, Mowgli and the many, many more there`s plenty more to choose from.
Lets enjoy all the magic here in blixembosch and have fun with all our activities in our
From the core team,
Korbi, Corine, Harm, Bart en Twan

Extra exit to Industrial estate Esp/Ekkersijt ?

Extra exit to Industrial estate Esp/Ekkersrijt ?
You will probably think at first, what has this to do with our neighbourhood as the industrial estate is
on the other side of the Kennedylaan, well the plans that are being made will be felt directly by us
here in blixembosch.
Because of this i would like to inform you of the plans all be it in its early stages.
What is the problem?
The expectation is that there will be an increase in traffic going to and from the Meubelboulevard,
including on the industrial estate itself, on the roundabout in Son and the Eindhovenseweg from Son
going towards Eindhoven,which will result in delays. Also in the future( 2030 or later) the councils
from Son en Breugel and Eindhoven want to expand Ekkersrijt and the Esp.
How will they stop this from happening?
A new road from the Kenndylaan to the industrial estate Ekkersrijt/Esp. This would mean that by
Blixembosch just about level with the houses on the Buitendreef, but naturally on the otherside of
the noise barrier.
How will this be done?
Both the councils are working with advise bureau Movaris.They will research the possibility of an
extra entrance and exit to the industrial estate, what possibilities are there for recreation, green
structures,cycle/footpaths and room for water and nature. As there are many factors to consider the
neighbourhoods Heesterakkers,Bokt, Blixembosch, Ondernemingsveregening Ekkersrijt- Esp,
Volkstuin Vereniging, Hondensport Vereniging, Brabants Landschap amongst others will all be
Together there are already 3 different possibilities of which all have a serious chance of being made.
What are they?
The first 2 possibilites are for a new entrance and exit by a viaduct over the Kennedylaan, this would
be up against the Noise barrier between the Kennedylaan and the Buitendreef. As a result of this the
traffic will drive at the same level as the noise barrier, to compensate for this there will have to be
new measures to help against the noise this will bring, also a cyclepath would be built from
Buitendreef over the new viaduct.
The difference between the 2 possibilities is work on the side of the industrial estate and therefore
not relevent to our neighbourhood.
The 3rd possibility is to direct traffic from the Tempellaan along Buitendreef then in a tunnel under
the noise barrier, under the Kennedylaan and re-surface in the Esp.With this option it will no longer
be an access route into blixembosch buiten, there is then the possibility to make a parrellel road via
the old Rubbish tip, would go round the tunnel and connect further on the buitendeef, There would
also be a cyclepath.
Where does the neighbourhood association stand on this?
The association has already rejected all 3 possibilities as they all would have a negative influence on
our surroundings and our life in our neighbourhood. The trafic commission has an alternative and
would get support from Blixembosch.

One entrance on the oostkant of the Kennedylaan as you come out the city and an exit in a northerly
direction, no viaduct and no tunnel. The project team have agreed to take this into consideration
along with the other possibilities.
What now?
In the coming months they will assess all 3 plus our proposal and see what is best and visable.
There are many processes and procedures that will have to be made and this will take possibly years
before it is agreed and built.
The neighbourhood association ill follow all developements carefully to make sure those of us living
here can continue living and enjoying our neighbourhood.
For more details go to www.verkeerscommissie@blixembosch.com


Richard Vereijssen

Verkeers Commissie Blixembosch.
On behalf of the neighbourhood association.


Do you dream of a lovely holiday, lots of fun activities, luxury accomodation and briljant
entertainment, then look no further go to the sun with Blixendon!!
After 3 earlier editions organize Blixemkids this year once again a kids camp, with the theme
The camp will take place Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th september 2021.
With the current situation round the corana virus, it is once again not definate that we will be able to
enjoy a holiday so it would be fantastic to have a holiday to look forward to.
We will be going to the resort Stevert, in the woode area of Steensel, here you will be able to rest in
your luxury suite and catered for and be able to enjoy 24 hour entertainment!!
In short not a holiday to miss.
What costs this “all inculsieve” holiday? € 45.00 per child for non-members of the neighbourhood
association and for members € 35.00 per child.
For the price you cant miss it!! So if you want to enjoy time away from your parents that are working
at home, are in online meetings or do you just want to rest after a week of school then why not sign-
up for this wonderful offer.
How great is it to be able to go on holiday with your friends, tell them about it to and hopefully we
will see you all soon in the sun in Steensel.

Kings’s Day in Blixembosch

King`s day in Blixembosch.
The council wants to include as many residents of Eindhoven as possible in the celebration for king`s
day. They have asked all neighbourhood associations to work with them.
Rows of people along the route is not possible this year because of the corona virus rules and
regulations, much of the celebrations will take place digitally but a meeting with the king and his
family will not be totally ruled out.
However the whole programme hasn`t been announced, the following activities have started.
Together with the CKE, under the name ¨king for 1 day¨, some of the special residents will be set in
the sun, other residents can nominate others for the titel neighbourhood king or queen, these will
then take part in an online competition with the kings and queens from other neighbourhoods. The
final 7 will be in the grand final on King`s Day and there is a possibilty of meeting the king himself!
Also there will be a live neighbourhood action on 17 th April 2021. A lackey with a throne, a
photographer and a group of musicians, they will go on tour through the neighbourhoods and will
set-up on the Ouverture plein here all the residents that want to be ¨king for 1 day¨, they can sit on
the throne, they will have Wilhelmus sung to them and they will also be photographed. The
Travelling thrones have been made by 10 primary schools.
Nominations can be made between 15 th March and 3 rd April, all nominations can be seen op
The organisatie calls for all the people of Eindhoven to decorate their own streets for King`s day.
During the 2 hour live broadcast by the NOS there will be a drone flying over the city to show all the
decorated streets.
Another project is ¨your neighbourhood in the picture¨ where residents can set their own
neighbourhoods in a photo. Children and the youth can also make a video message to congratulate
the King.
On www.Cultuurstation.nl is all information over how to send the films in, for those of you that are
not so handy in these things, people from the cultuurstation will come along with their mobile
For the youth is there also an activity – EindjeMindcraft. Here they can build their own digital city of
Eindhoven. The King will also get a digital tour, for more information go to www.eindjemindcraft.nl
Jacques Borsboom

Adventures in Blixembosch Buiten.

Adventures in Blixembosch Buiten.

The council Eindhoven have information about 2 play intiatives for Blixembosch Buiten.
Playing by the big oak Veldlaan:In the begin of 2020 the council recived enquiries if it ws possible to
make a playing area by the big oak on the Veldlaan(going towards the cycle tunnel), by the 23 new
houses, together with the council and the workgroup ,play, green and milieu is thought how the best
way to do this. The people living in this area have been informed and before the summer the playing
area will be realized. We wish all the children a lot of playing fun this summer!
Playing in the Nature by the Wal.
In 2014 the natural playing space was opened at the bottom of the wal, between the Vuursteen and
the Vuurpot and during this time a lot of the children from the neighbourhood have enjoyed playing
Recently the different naturel play elements have been assessed and unfortunately they have
deteriated quicker than we had anticipated, therefore we are going to replace some of the elements.
At the moment we are developing a new design and hope to have it all in place before the end of the
Both the playing area by the Veldlaan and the space at the bottem of the wal will be made from
natural and challenging material.
The natural looking playing equipment and the areas around them will fit into the landscape in
blixembosch buiten. The play area in the new plateau will also be in the same manier, this play area
will be part of the Scheg( green,open and central to the plateau).
Want to know more about blixembosch buiten? Take a look on www.blixemboschbuiten.nl.
Do you have any questions? Contact the project assistant Annelies
Lammers:a.lammers@eindhoven.nl or phone (040) 2386266.
Ton Elissen

Koningsdag activiteiten. 2021

Koningsdag in Blixembosch
De gemeente Eindhoven wil zoveel mogelijk inwoners bij de viering van Koningsdag betrekken. Zij
heeft alle wijk- en buurtverenigingen gevraagd hieraan mee te werken.
Rijen dik langs de route, dat zit er door corona dit jaar niet in. Koningsdag zal zich voor een belangrijk
deel digitaal afspelen, maar een ontmoeting met de koning en zijn familie is ook zeker niet
uitgesloten. Hoewel het programma nog niet helemaal bekend is, zijn de volgende activiteiten wel al

—-“Koning voor 1 dag”

In samenwerking met het CKE worden onder de noemer van “Koning voor 1 dag” de meest
bijzondere inwoners uit de verschillende wijken in het zonnetje gezet. Andere inwoners mogen hen
nomineren voor de titel buurtkoning of koningin, die het in een online wedstrijd opneemt tegen de
andere buurtkoningen. De zeven beste spelen de grote finale op Koningsdag en dan hoort zelfs een
ontmoeting met de koning tot de mogelijkheden.

—-Een leuke “live” buurtactie op 17 april.

Namelijk een lakei met een troon, een fotograaf en een groepje muzikanten. Zij gaan op
tournee in de buurten en strijken ook neer op het Ouvertureplein. En dan mogen alle buurtbewoners
die willen Koning voor 1 dag zijn. Zij mogen op de troon zitten, krijgen het Wilhelmus toegezongen en
worden op de foto gezet. De rondreizende tronen worden gemaakt door 10 Eindhovense basisscholen.
De nominaties kunnen van 15 maart tot 3 april worden ingediend (zie foto van de start van de
campagne). De nominaties zijn te zien op de website www.koningvoor1dag.nl
De organisatie roept Eindhovenaren ook op om hun straat te versieren voor Koningsdag. Tijdens de
twee-uur durende live-uitzending van de NOS vliegt er een drone over de stad die beelden maakt van
de versierde straten. Een ander project is “jouw wijk in de picture” waarbij bewoners hub eigen wijk
op de foto mogen zetten. Kinderen en jongeren worden uitgedaagd om de koning te feliciteren met
een videoboodschap. Op de website van Cultuurstation.nl staat meer informatie en een handleiding
over hoe de filmpjes door te sturen. Bij wie zelf niet zo handig is komen de mensen van
Cultuurstation langs met een mobiele studio. Ook voor de jeugd is de activiteit EindjeMinecraft.
Jongeren bouwen hier samen een digitale versie van Eindhoven. De koning krijgt ook een digitale
rondleiding. Meer informatie hierover op de site eindjeminecraft.nl