***jeugddisco*** vrijdag 5 november.

Yes! Vrijdag 5 november houden we weer de jeugddisco voor de kids uit groep 6 t/m 8. Dus weer gezellig dansen en chillen met je klasgenoten, teammaatjes en buurtgenoten.
We starten om 19.30 en we zetten de muziek uit om 22.00.
Let op: de jeugddisco vindt plaats in het jongerencentrum JC Blixems!
Kan een afbeelding zijn van de tekst 'DIS DISCO'

Hanging up nest boxes??

Hanging up nest boxes??
Birds, bats, insects, plants etc. All these have a place in our landscape, especially in the city
landscape. Unfortunately all these animals are finding it increasingly difficult to find places to forage
and nest and plants make way tiles. Nature in the neighbourhood is a project where we can improve
on all these things.
Nature in the neighbourhood gives the residents of blixembosch the chance to help by at no cost
deliver nest boxes, plants, flower seeds, insect hotels( hanging the boxes or planting things is your
own responsibilty). This intiative comes partly from the county of North Brabant.
In a neighbourhood review where the residents received a flyer to indicate the possible locations for
nest boxes, if you do not have a problem with having a box hung on your house, then let us know as
soon as possible. Have you not received the flyer? No problem you can still sign-up at
www.natuurinwijk.nl. The more nest boxes the better it is fo the bio diversity in the neighbourhood.
Ab Oosting; Ambassadeur bio diversity Waterschap de Dommel.

Veilig gevoel thuis


Public charging point or your own charging point for electric cars??

  • Public charging point or your own charging point for electric cars??
    The number of electric cars is increasing and there are more public charging points needed. With the
    european and national climate targets we should be happy. In 2030 all new cars that come on the
    market must be electric, this of course means that more charging points will be needed. At the
    moment there are 3,5% of all cars are electric.
    The next question is, will the neighbourhood be full of public charging points, of is a charging point in
    the lamp post an option, are dedicated charging areas the way to go, or stimulating people to have
    there own charging point at home. These are questions that need to be answered by the council, but
    are also questions that you can think over.
    Do you have the possibilty to have a charger on your own property and do you have solar panels? If
    this is the case then this is a good option and you can be sure that you use 100% green energy. You
    will also be sure of a place to charge and it is cheaper than the public charging points. At the current
    energy tariefs it would pay itself back within 2 1⁄2 to 3 years.
    If you wish to install your own point at home this would entail updating your electric metre and
    installing a point on the outside of your house. If your house is older then this could mean a
    complete ne electric metre and that of course can be expensive, in newer house it just has to be
    adapted, most energy companies will charge about €750.00 for the complete packet.
    Do you have a company based at home , then in some cases you can use the enviroment and
    investment rebate.(MIA). If you have any questions you can contact. www.040energie.nl direct.
    Most of all make sure you gather all the information before you do anything.
    The Traffic committee.
    We are looking for new members for our team.
    The traffic committee has  for several years been 4 people, unfortunately 2 members will be shortly
    leaving our neighbourhood and therefore no longer able to participate in the committee. With this in
    mind we are looking for 2 new members to strengthen our committee. Are you interested in traffic
    or better still are you a traffic expert/engineer and do you have the time to help the situation in our
    neighbourhood then we are looking for you!
    We would love to hear from you  at verkeercommissie@blixembosch.com
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Business in the neighbourhood.

  1. Business in the neighbourhood.
    Buchrnhornen is opening in Blixembosch.
    For many Buchrnhornen is an understanding in Eindhoven for over 70 years. The company specialize
    in caring for feet so that we can move comfortably. For young and old good movement is important.
    On October 15th Burchrnhornen opened a branch on the ouverture 89, this is on the side where the
    doctors, the chemist and other medical services all are.
    The branch in our neighbourhood is connected to Provoet, and is run by Lenore Peels, who has
    completed her study at the Cosmos Institute, she has all the relevent kwalifications as a medical
    Lenore has 10 years experience in this branch and specializes in every aspect of care for your feet.
    Think then of calluses, corns, care for your nails, muscle strengthening and anything else you can
    think of that enables you to move about on your feet comfortably!
    Lenore grew up in blixembosch where she has many friends from the Vuurvlinder and also her own
    street, she has many happy memories and is now happy to be able to assist her fellow people in
    blixembosch with her experience in this branch.
    Herman Coenjaarts


The Library – Development of people.

The Library – Development of people.
Is a library a house full of books or is it much more? Over a period of time I have participated in
various activities from the library in Eindhoven. In a short amount of time I have learn`t a lot and
from there comes this column!
How do you keep your brain healthy? By the Brain foundation.
Firstly I participated in an interactive Zoom meeting. This was easy from out of my home with a
pleasant cup of tea. We did an interactieve game over this subject and there was one conclusion,
your brain is healthier by relaxing in a comfortable chair and reading a good book.
Free careers advice.
During a sort of speed date in the Witte Dame, I got advice from Catrien, she is a careers coach, she
said make a definite story with focus, say what problem and for who you are solving it.
Catrien also gave profiles from others as inspiration. I even got a professional portrait foto, I use this
on my Linkedin page. This I thought was a useful present!!
Free yourrself from difficult emotions.
On a Monday evening there was a Zoom meeting with Yvonne Toeset. Yvonne explained how you
can free yourself from negative emotions via the EFT method. This was especially our young people
who have problems caused by the Corona crisis. We trained in this method by beating on certain
places on your body and saying calming sentences. This calmed me down a lot, it helps to deal with
setbacks and strengthen your resillience. I will be reading her e-book over EFT in the library.
The digi café.
Several times a month there is a digi café in the Witte Dame. Here the are experts with portable
apparatus(telephone, tablet, e-reader), they also help with the use of the internet services from the
government. There is also a Klik and Tik meeting in the meeting centre the Dommelbeemd Bieb in
Vaartbroek. Help with problems can be very helpful.
I also help the library with research. I invite you to tell me what you think over the nibrary in
Eindhoven.Why do you go? What do you find good? Or why do you not go to the library, what is is it
you dislike? What are you wishes for the library, all reactions are welcome. I discuss them
anonimously in the library. My e-mail address is creatifdenken@outlook.com.
Hans Baaijens
Fan of the library.


Winter clean-up.

Winter clean-up.
It is the autumn again and that means that the leaves will be falling again! It also means that the
drains will be blocked , but to stop that from happening the roads will be swept and we will once
again have a clean neighbourhood. Of course it goes without saying for this to happen we need your
help! The council sweeps the roads in the neighbourhood twice a year, and with all the cars parked it
makes it difficult for the workers to do there job properly, so on one day the even side of the road
will be swept and on the uneven day the other side will be done. So keep an eye out for the poster at
the entrance to the neighbourhood for information when your part of the neighbourhood is set to be
swept. On the days given we ask you not to park your car between 08.00 and 17.00 on the side that
will be swept.
With many people still working from home it is sometimes difficult to move your car, but please try
your best.
Monday 15th nov. even numbers and Tuesday 16th nov. uneven numbers Sprookesbosch and English
Wednesday 17th nov. even numbers and Thursday 18th nov. uneven numbers Italian and French
Wednesday 24th nov. even numbrs and Thursday 25th nov. uneven numbers American
The Gem stone neighbourhood will be done seperately. For this there are no notification via the
Blixemflitsen! So keep an eye out for the posters by the entrance from that side if the
The companies work all year through to keep our neighbourhood clean and not just twice a year!
The above information can be found on a map on www.blixembosch.com
Annie Ouberg en Tine v.d.Velde
Co-ordinators sweep action.


Winter festival Blixembosch.

Winter festival:
As we are celebrating 30 years of the neighbourhood committee we holding a winter festival from
8th to the 15th of december on the ouverture plein.
The whole programme is not complete as yet but we would like to give you an idea of things to
For the younger residents there will be a roundabout and for the youth to 15 years old there will be a
skating rink. During the weekend there will be market stalls selling food, drinks, christmas things and
creative products.
In the community centre Blixems you will be able to enjoy a classical concert or the kids disco or the
family disco and the children can enjoy the circus.
All the residents from blixembosch can have the chance to bring there specialties on one of the stalls.
The stalls and the lights will be made possible by the neighbourhood comittee which means you will
not have loose any of the emoney you make from your sales.
If you are interested in a stall please send a mail before 18th november with information on your
products to herman@blixembosch.com .
Naturally we are also looking for volunteers to help out to make this a success, so if you are
interested then let me know by sending a mail to jacques@blixembosch.com .
The difinitieve programme will be on facebook blixembosch from 1st december and on posters
hanging in and around the ouverture.
The committee

Bedrijfswinterfestival op jullie bedrijf met eigen kerstmarkt


How things stand with the noise pollution A50.

How things stand with the noise pollution A50

For many years now the traffic committee has received many complaints over the noise created by
the A50 and there has been no action taken by the council seeing that there has to be changes with
regards to Het Plateau. Since the realization of the sound wall on the cycle tunnel has the number of
complaints increased.
With this in mind, we have sent a letter to the council members to give the problem adequate
attention. After this letter their was a consultation with the council department responsible for the
enviroment and the results from a measurement taken by the cycle path Veldlaan, the
measurements show that in actual fact the noise stays below the norm and has fallen by 4 decibels in
2021 because of the realization of the sound wall in2019. All the informaton can be found at
www.blixembosch.com in the menu de wijkvereniging-leefbaarheid-verkeer. As a result of this
information it does not allow the traffic committee to force any new changes.
The government for infrastructure is responsible for the level of noise produced on the motorway,
here they have a noise ceiling, the amount of noise that is produced at certain reference points.
These points of reference are from the outside lanes of the road. In 2019 it was established that the
ceiling was reached and was indeed higher by the A50 Ekkersrijt -Son. In the report it says that a
double wall will be established, this is planned in 2022, which means we will have to wait to see the
The traffic committee has been given the gren light from the neighbourhood committee to consult
the Nederlands foundation for noise pollution to see what steps can be taken with regards the
council and government to bring the noise problem back to being acceptable. The result of this will
shortly be made available.
Yours sincerely The traffic committee


The Boschuil is urgently looking for volunteers to help in the mornings at crossovers

Urgent call for help!
The Boschuil is urgently looking for volunteers to help in the mornings at crossovers. The
Shakespearelaan is a busy street, where people often drive too fast and ignore the pedestrian
crossing in front of the school. We would like to provide for a safe situation in the mornings.
Volunteering means for at least once every twee weeks you would be a volunteer at the
crossover from 8.10 – 8.30. A brief, mandatory training will be provided by the police before the
first shift.
Would you like to come and join our crossover team at the Boschuil? Please contact Irene op
den Buijs (06-14683079/ irenema76@gmail.com )

Basisschool de Welp - 'Samen zorgen voor een veilige oversteek  Rijssenseweg' De inzet van veel klaar-overs op de oversteekplaats aan de  Rijssenseweg zorgt ervoor dat veel kinderen veilig kunnen oversteken. Elke  dag


Vrijwilligersavond 20 november a.s. om 19.30u in het V.T.A.

Onderstaande brief is naar alle registreerde vrijwilligers gegaan.


Vrijwilligersavond Het Bestuur van Wijkvereniging Blixembosch nodigt u bij deze uit voor de traditionele Vrijwilligersavond a.s.  20 november om 19.30u. Dat geldt natuurlijk ook voor uw partner. Dit als dank aan alle vrijwilligers die er mede voor gezorgd hebben dat het in onze wijk Blixembosch uitstekend toeven is voor alle bewoners.

Helaas kon de vrijwilligersavond vorig jaar vanwege de coronabeperkingen geen doorgang vinden, daarom heeft het Bestuur besloten om er dit jaar iets speciaals van te maken. We gaan nog niet alles verklappen, maar het is zeker dat jullie geheugens met een pubquiz danig op de proef zullen worden gesteld en bovendien krijgen we een Brabantse BNer op bezoek die jullie gaat vermaken met fantastische verhalen. Natuurlijk zal er ook goed voor de inwendige mens worden gezorgd met drankjes en lekkere hapjes die gedurende de hele avond geserveerd worden

Wél is het noodzakelijk dat u een bewijs meebrengt dat u gevaccineerd bent, recentelijk corona hebt gehad of een verklaring dat u minder dan 24 uur geleden negatief getest bent op corona. Dit kan do ook dient u een middels de Coroancheck app, of een papieren kopie van de QR code. Ook dient u een legitimatiebewijs op zak te hebben. Wij volgen hiermee de dan geldende coronaregels en natuurlijk wil het Bestuur niet dat iemand op deze avond wordt besmet. 

Aangezien de organisatie graag weet met hoeveel Blixemboschers we op deze avond zijn, verzoeken wij u om onderstaande ingevulde aanmeldingsstrook te fotograferen of te scannen, en uiterlijk 1 november te mailen naar koby@blixembosch.com U kunt deze ook in de brievenbus van VTA Blixems op het Ouvertureplein deponeren. 

Hopelijk tot ziens op 20 november.