30. Interview about litter with Peter and Nicole.

Interview about litter with Peter and Nicole

What a beautiful and clean neighborhood we live in! A lot of people want to keep the neighborhood that way. I really regularly see men and women walking with a bag of litter! Also Nicole and Peter from the Robijnring. I like that they do this so regularly, that’s why I want to put them in the spotlight in the Blixemflitsen and also ask some questions.

What do you love about cleaning up litter? We love to see the street so nice and clean. We were annoyed by the litter, especially the cans of energy drinks and thought we are going to do something about it! We also regularly walk in the Aanschotse Beemden and pick up the litter. Then it stays neat there too. We think that if something is neat and clean, people don’t throw anything away so easily.

Why are you doing this and how much time did you spend doing it? We are now retired and like to volunteer. But it is voluntary work where we can organize the time ourselves and we are not bound. Well, cleaning up waste is an ideal activity. We do that when we have the time and inclination. We often walk for 45 minutes or so until we have a bag full. We put the waste in the various waste bins and when they are full we pass this on to the council via the Buiten Beter App. This works fine.

Do you have your own materials? Yes, we received a skewer and gloves from “Adopt a street”. We have the rubbish bags ourselves.

How could you encourage other local residents to do the same? Many people say to us along the way: “It’s great that you are doing this!”. We often have a chat with these people and point out to them that “Adopt a Street” provides skewers, gloves and vests (see www.eindhoven.nl/adopteereenstraat ). We also tell them how much fun it is to be actieve. It is also very nice to do this together with someone. You chat along the way about what you pick up and how it ends up there! We also regularly take our 3-year-old granddaughter Saar with us, she really enjoys cleaning up the litter. Learn young is done old right!!

App All Green. We also really enjoy using the “Completely Green” app. This app immediately shows on a map where we have collected litter. We then save the walk and the route is colored green. Take a look at www.helemaalgroen.nl

How do you reach local residents who are also interested in cleaning up litter? Nicole has created a whatsapp group ” Blixemse litter” (register tel. 06-30866057). In this way she hopes to get in touch with local residents who also clean up litter. It’s nice to share your experiences together or just send an app if something special has happened in the field of litter.

I thank Peter and Nicole for the interview and wish them a lot of fun cleaning up!

Annie Ouborg (Working Group Play, Green and Environment)