30 years of the Blixembosch neighbourhood association. !!!

30 years of the Blixembosch neighbourhood association.                           

On 22nd July 1991 the neighbourhood association was started, so this means we have been going for
30 years and will be celebrating our 6e lustrum.
In this special celebration edition we will take a look back over the last years with interviews and
many,many fotographs. There is also a hall of fame of all the members of merit and of our very first
honary member.
Of course at the moment with the continuing regulations for covid we have been unable to get
together, with all thing pointing to green we hope that after the summer we will be able to once
again get together and organize and participate in various activities, and of course to begin with we
have the Familie spektakel on 3rd, 4th and 5th september 2021. The future of the organisation is
looking good, we are finacially sound and are lucky to have many volunteers to organise the
Every year there are new initiatives that begin, the neighbourhood is steadily growing in Blixembosch
buiten and in the De Veld.
The neighbourhood association is also helping with the design of these new area`s, including safety
aspects and the togetherness. Here we will also work on the togetherness between the residents and
stimulate new members and volunteers.
The method of communication between residents and the association will change in the future with
more digital communications, and as social media will play a part in this as we in the association
wants to move with the times.
With the use of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram enables us to communicate quicker. The website
will also be renewed and updated.
If you have any suggestions, these will gratefully received, by email at secretaris@blixembosch.com .

The Comittee.