Artikelen door Jan Willem Kooijmans

Every Monday Calling All You Walker.

  Calling all you walker out there in Blixembosch!! Are you bored with what`s on the television on a Monday evening, then maybe this will be of interest. Every Monday evening a group of between 10-15 walkers, some using Nordic Walking sticks and some not, walk a scenic route through the neighbourhood, all routes are […]

1.2 Let Get Walking. 2020.

1,2 let get walking! Do you want to take part in a friendly, sportive challenge? Together with Mum, Dad, brother or sister, Nanna and Grandad or with friends then your in luck because this year the Blixemloop (walking in Blixembosch)is once again being organized. It will take place from Monday 15th June through to Friday […]

Blixembosch International Community ( NEWS).

Blixembosch International Community After a number of meetings with expats in November 2019 en in January 2020 it has become apparent that in this group there is a need for contact with other people from the neighbourhood to practice the Dutch language, as a result of this we have started a monthly coffee corner for […]

Voorlichtingsavond Inbraakpreventie en Senioren en Veiligheid

  Betreft: Voorlichtingsavond Inbraakpreventie en Senioren & Veiligheid Beste bewoner(s) Het aantal inbraken in Blixembosch is de afgelopen jaren gedaald. Dit aangezien de leden van het buurtpreventieteam  bijna iedere avond  een ronde door de wijk lopen. Toch willen we nogmaals aandacht besteden aan inbraakpreventie door voor u een voorlichtingsbijeenkomst te organiseren. Deze avond wordt in […]