BBERS( busy Blixemboschers).

BBERS( busy Blixemboschers)

Not everybody will be aware that behind the scenes there is a lot of hard work being done to keep our residents happy. As our neighbourhood committee members don`t very often stand in the spotlight we thought it would be good to introduce you to a few of them.

Naturally all the committee members wish all the residents of Blixembosch a prosperous 2022 and as soon as the current rules for corona are lifted, we hope to pick up where we left off.

Herman Coenjaarts



I am Jacques Borsboom and I have lived in Blixembosch (Sprookjesbosch) since 1994, I am 70 years old and married to Joke have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

After I retired 5 years ago, I became a member of the neighbourhood committee, 4 of those years as chairman.

As a volunteer I organize the football tournament, Blixemcup, Kings Day, outside playday, ex-pat meetings, the pilot for rat distruction, the approach to the noise pollution from the A50, and the anniversary celebrations (which unfortunately hasn`t taken place).

I think that is very important that the neighbourhood committee stays active in the neighbourhood, not only for safety but also the fun and social side of things.

Many residents are member of the neighbourhood association with many of them volunteers that help organize and make the activities possible.

The committee is also responsible for making sure that there is good communication with the council and the many other organization’s that are busy in our neighbourhood. We also make sure that we apply for all the available subsidies that make it financially possible to organize events.

In the yearly members meeting we discuss the plans and the responsibility ………

The neighbourhood association is financially healthy organization and very much full of life, we hope to continue in the same way far into the future.


Hello, my name is Koby Kooijmans-de Vos, I am 68 years young, born and raised in Eindhoven, after 11 years living in Son en Breugel and 9 years in Belgium I have returned to live in Blixembosch, Eindhoven.

Why Blixembosch?? Well, here we found a house we liked and can live happy on I to our old age and is close to our children and grandchildren.

I also find in enjoyable to be active in the place where I live and so applied for a function within the neighbourhood committee, after an orientation period I became secretary, which was 4 years ago and still enjoying it.

What dies that entail??well planning and taking the minutes of the meetings, including of course the general meeting, taking care of the e-mails and any other in-coming post, writing the year report and ……. Next to this I am also a travel guide at ACSI- camping travel and hope that this year we will be able to travel once again together with our guests.

We hope to stay in Blixembosch for many years to come and enjoy our fine neighborhood and al it has to offer and of course hopefully this year we will be able to organize many events so that all the residents can get together, socialize and enjoy themselves once more.



I am Ad Jongenelis, I am 60 years old and born and bred brabander, I grew up in Etten Leur then   studied science and then moved to Leiden. After my study I moved back to Brabant and have now lived for more than 30 years in Eindhoven, for the last 15 years is home Blixembosch. I am married to Diana, and we have 2 sons who also live close by in Eindhoven.

Since moving back to Eindhoven I have worked for various departments in Philips and for a couple of years now I have worked by ASML as a consultant.

Since 2020 I have been the treasurer of the neighbourhood association, from out my work I have a lot of experience in making business planning and financial analysis. I also have committee experience from being chair for the association of owners of an apartment complex. With this experience I wanted to help make and keep Blixembosch a fun, sociable neighbourhood.

As the treasurer, in consultation with work groups and the committee members, I put together the yearly budgets, request subsidies, manage the invoices and the declarations and put together the end of year report.

I enjoy travelling and cooking, and enjoy visits to the theatre and museums, but unfortunately over the last couple of years has not been so readily possible.


I am Bert Nieuwenhuis,72 years old and I have lived in the English neighbourhood since 1997, and since then have been a member of the neighbourhood association.

At the time I was working by the police in Son, but then in the department in Best and sometimes at the police station on the Mathildalaan in Eindhoven, from Blixembosch I was at work in no time.

In 2008 I retired, at that point in time in Blixembosch the extension of Blixembosch Buiten was ongoing, with talk about the roads in and out of Blixembosch and the increase of traffic on the current roads with in mind nederlands largest school was right next to the infrastructure. With my experience from traffic jams and inconvenience in Son when the A50 was being built I decided to get on my bicycle and go to the meeting in city hall which was discussing Blixembosch Buiten.

Together with the rest of the committee we decide that a 3rd entrance direct into Blixembosch buiten would be the best option, without this there would be at certain times of the day all the traffic going through Blixembosch Oost, this was at the same time that the then milieu street was on the Esp.

Thankfully various political parties agreed, and the road was realized.

After some time Sjoerd Slaaf left the livability team because he moved out of the neighbourhood, and I stepped into the open position. I have been on the committee since 2008. We meet, about 30 people, from different work groups (milieu, youth, neighbourhood prevention and traffic)4 times a year in the community centre. We try to keep the meetings interesting and buoyant by inviting guest speakers. We also invite the neighbourhood police, the council, youth workers and sometimes counselors.

The involvement of all the volunteers, of which we have 60 neighbourhood prevention, in the neighbourhood is paramount, therefore every year we organize a volunteers evening to thank them all in the community centre Blixems., we also choose a volunteer of the year.

We have achieved a lot over the years, a youth centre with 2 youth workers to work with the youth from the neighbourhood, we are also involved the extension of Blixembosch.

We hope that next year we will be able to celebrate the 30 years of the neighbourhood association, which we as yet have not been able to do.


My name is Korbi Beyschlag 52 years old born in München, but because we spent a lot of time on a farm in Austria, feel this is more home than München.

Next to various studies I have also qualified as a ski instructor and for the last 25 winters with pleasure given lessons in Austria.

This is how I met my wife, and we are now married for almost 24 years and have 2 daughters who also share my passion for skiing and also ski instructors in Austria.

We belong to the first residents to move in to the Italians neighbourhood, we received our keys back in 1998 and we still enjoy living there to this day. Standing by the school gate with other residents picking up there children got me into various activities in the neighbourhood.

The family party is just one of the events that I help organize, 2 ½ years ago we started to make changes with the youth work, unfortunately corona has gotten in the way.

As so many of the residents we all hope that we will be able to organize activities in the not to distant future, it is far too long, but impatience won`t make happen any quicker.

In short, my responsibilities within the neighbourhood association are next to organizing events, are trying to organize events for the youth in the area.

Another of my functions is to think about all things in the neighbourhood, critical eye over everything and ask lot of questions.

I think this as a privilege to this and hope to for fil this function for as long as possible with the same passion as now.



Hello, I am Herman Coemjaarts, I am 72 years old, was born in Limburgse Gulpen, because of my education as motor mechanic from my service time I found myself working by DAF in Eindhoven in technical and commercial capacity. After a time together with my then partner came to live in Blixembosch in 2000.

I can ow look back on a very enjoyable time. When I retired, I joined the editorial team of Blixemflitsen! My job was essentially to edit articles and do interviews for the section business in the neighbourhood.

This was very positive as a few years ago by the general meeting they called for new committee members and I was so enthusiastic about everything that went on in Blixembosch that I volunteered, and as I am the oldest member on the committee it was of course logical that they would deal with the senior policies. Here, together with 5 other enthusiastic volunteers, organize events, for example, bingo, jeu de boules, presentation by a notary, and making of Christmas decorations.

I still enjoy living in Blixembosch and hope to do so for a very long time.