Business in the neighbourhood.

  1. Business in the neighbourhood.
    Buchrnhornen is opening in Blixembosch.
    For many Buchrnhornen is an understanding in Eindhoven for over 70 years. The company specialize
    in caring for feet so that we can move comfortably. For young and old good movement is important.
    On October 15th Burchrnhornen opened a branch on the ouverture 89, this is on the side where the
    doctors, the chemist and other medical services all are.
    The branch in our neighbourhood is connected to Provoet, and is run by Lenore Peels, who has
    completed her study at the Cosmos Institute, she has all the relevent kwalifications as a medical
    Lenore has 10 years experience in this branch and specializes in every aspect of care for your feet.
    Think then of calluses, corns, care for your nails, muscle strengthening and anything else you can
    think of that enables you to move about on your feet comfortably!
    Lenore grew up in blixembosch where she has many friends from the Vuurvlinder and also her own
    street, she has many happy memories and is now happy to be able to assist her fellow people in
    blixembosch with her experience in this branch.
    Herman Coenjaarts