Christmas run 2021 in Blixembosch :20th of December

Christmas run 2021 in Blixembosch
On Monday the 20th of December about 100 runners from the running group Blixemsnel all dressed
as father Christmas, or his wife, will meet up by the community centre Blixems on the overture for
the yearly Christmas fun run. If the corona regulations that at that time are in force do not allow this,
then we won`t run or as in 2020 we will run in small groups..

About 19.30 we will all meet on the square for the warming-up and there after we will from about
19.40 all run around an 8km route through Blixembosch. Here under is the route, this can be found
as a map on
So why not keep the children up just a bit longer and come along somewhere on the route to cheer
the runners on, make sure you are on time as the times are an indication, they can be 5 minutes
earlier or later.
19.30 – 19.40 warming – up Ouverture.
19.45 Ella Fitzgeraldlaan.
19.50 Buitendreef/Ernani.
19.55 bus-stop Stiffelio.
20.10 Topaasring.
20.15 Opaal.
20.30 Wildeman.
20.40 – 21.00 back on the ouverture.

Hohoho! from all of the trainer Blixemsnel,
Marco, Aarnout, Jacques, Paul, Willie, Jacqueline, Sjakko en Vincent.

Kerstloop Stekene - Kerstloop Stekene