Hanging up nest boxes??

Hanging up nest boxes??
Birds, bats, insects, plants etc. All these have a place in our landscape, especially in the city
landscape. Unfortunately all these animals are finding it increasingly difficult to find places to forage
and nest and plants make way tiles. Nature in the neighbourhood is a project where we can improve
on all these things.
Nature in the neighbourhood gives the residents of blixembosch the chance to help by at no cost
deliver nest boxes, plants, flower seeds, insect hotels( hanging the boxes or planting things is your
own responsibilty). This intiative comes partly from the county of North Brabant.
In a neighbourhood review where the residents received a flyer to indicate the possible locations for
nest boxes, if you do not have a problem with having a box hung on your house, then let us know as
soon as possible. Have you not received the flyer? No problem you can still sign-up at
www.natuurinwijk.nl. The more nest boxes the better it is fo the bio diversity in the neighbourhood.
Ab Oosting; Ambassadeur bio diversity Waterschap de Dommel.

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