Member of Merit 2021: Gertjan van den Heuvel

Member of Merit 2021: Gertjan van den Heuvel.

Gertjan has lived for 23 years in our neighbourhood and is from day one been active in all manner of ways, and even now is ready to help in any way the residents in Blixembosch. One of the activities that keeps Gertjan busy is the once yearly family party (familie spektakel), he helps with the building up of the many activities, think on the party tent, and then helps again to take it all down, he stores and looks after some of the things and is also runs some of the events that take place.

When the idea for the neighborhood watch was hatched, Gertjan was first to step up and organize it and get it off the ground and was the first chair of the Blixembosch neighbourhood committee.

It was Gertjan that made sure that all the members were provided with good equipment, he also makes the roosters and all new neighbourhood team members are shown the ropes by himself, all 55 members


As chair is Gertjan also a member of the city’s workgroup for neighborhoods’ prevention and advises the Eindhoven council on how to make it all more professional and how best to expand. In this Gertjan also finds it important to make sure the right equipment is available, and that people have the right schooling or refresher schooling to be safe and efficient.

Also, thanks to Gertjan every neighbourhood has their own budget to organize things themselves. So was the white foot action made, this is where the neighbourhood prevention team together with the police made a review in the neighbourhood to highlight dangerous situations. Nicole Verbeek is for along time a big help to Gertjan in all this neighbourhood prevention work.

Gertjan also stands regularly up for burglary prevention in other neighbourhoods in Eindhoven, this is at the request of the Eindhov4en council, here Gertjan gives advice on for example, locks, security cameras, outside lighting and things to help being stopped being scammed, etc., etc.

Also, Gertjan is super active for EHBO Blixembosch, for which he organizes course for the First aiders from the neighbourhood and of course is always ready to lend a hand when needed.

You may think with all the above that Gertjan had enough to do, but no, Gertjan is also vice chair of Heart for Blixembosch. This club looks after the 10 AED`s that are spread around our neighbourhood and is the point of contact for the committee. If needed by someone in the neighbourhood with heart problems, he doesn`t hesitate to come forward and help.

It is also unbelievable that Gertjan has a job as well!!

In short, we have a volunteer that we can be proud of and therefore   the neighbourhood committee has unanimously decided to award the member of merit for 2021 to Gertjan.

Gertjan you are a topper!!!! Congratulations on this award and thank you for all that you do and have done for our neighbourhood.


The Neighbourhood Committee.