Pilot combating rats

At the end of 2020 the eindhoven council have together with experts, researched the best way to deal with the rats in Woensel-North, at 2 locations in blixembosch-west (19 houses) they researched what would be the most effective manner to help fight against the rats, (taking away any food and also there hiding places). Before starting ,by using night camera`s, they recorded how many rats were in the area(92 recordings, 85 at 1 house) after the measures were implemented at he end check there were just 3 rats seen.

The important lesson from this pilot is that if the measures are followed the nuisance caused by rats is less. The residence that have taken part in this pilot have now become informed over the best measures to take to make there gardens and areas around there houses less attractive to rats.
One of the recommendations was for the residence to report any new problems with rats, they also recommended a meeting of the residence to help create a neighbourhood togetherness so that they can share the preventative measures.

To help support everybody and help to minimize the nuisance caused by the rats, they have suggested that an information flyer be circulated, to help visualize the problem and help with the preventative measures. This will also show the ongoing involvement from the council.

The reason for this pilot was to find a better and more effective way to fight the plague of rats. It has proved that the measures are successful, it also shows that a coordinated action is necessary. It also shows that only if all the residence work together that a good result will be achieved.

The council has also said they want to give better information and communicate better. For a better fight against the rats is a better organization from all concerned. There is a central point needed to bring all parties together and see that it stays together and stays informed.

The neighbourhood committee from blixembosch had the residence informed of the pilot and there was a large reaction from residence that wanted to rake part in the pilot scheme. We will be asking the council to share the results of the pilot with other areas /neighbourhoods so that a good coordinated action can be achieved. There will be a number of information evenings organized.

Are you interested in one these evenings then send an e-mail to jacques@blixembosch.com.

The neighbourhood committee.