Public charging point or your own charging point for electric cars??

  • Public charging point or your own charging point for electric cars??
    The number of electric cars is increasing and there are more public charging points needed. With the
    european and national climate targets we should be happy. In 2030 all new cars that come on the
    market must be electric, this of course means that more charging points will be needed. At the
    moment there are 3,5% of all cars are electric.
    The next question is, will the neighbourhood be full of public charging points, of is a charging point in
    the lamp post an option, are dedicated charging areas the way to go, or stimulating people to have
    there own charging point at home. These are questions that need to be answered by the council, but
    are also questions that you can think over.
    Do you have the possibilty to have a charger on your own property and do you have solar panels? If
    this is the case then this is a good option and you can be sure that you use 100% green energy. You
    will also be sure of a place to charge and it is cheaper than the public charging points. At the current
    energy tariefs it would pay itself back within 2 1⁄2 to 3 years.
    If you wish to install your own point at home this would entail updating your electric metre and
    installing a point on the outside of your house. If your house is older then this could mean a
    complete ne electric metre and that of course can be expensive, in newer house it just has to be
    adapted, most energy companies will charge about €750.00 for the complete packet.
    Do you have a company based at home , then in some cases you can use the enviroment and
    investment rebate.(MIA). If you have any questions you can contact. direct.
    Most of all make sure you gather all the information before you do anything.
    The Traffic committee.
    We are looking for new members for our team.
    The traffic committee has  for several years been 4 people, unfortunately 2 members will be shortly
    leaving our neighbourhood and therefore no longer able to participate in the committee. With this in
    mind we are looking for 2 new members to strengthen our committee. Are you interested in traffic
    or better still are you a traffic expert/engineer and do you have the time to help the situation in our
    neighbourhood then we are looking for you!
    We would love to hear from you  at
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