Tennis and Padel Clinics .

Tennis and Padel Clinics by TV Bokt.

The TV Bokt would like to invite all the people who live in blixembosch to take part in a tennis or
padel clinic.
These clinics are planned for the 30th May at sportpark Bokt on the Anconalaan.
The clinics:
1. Are for all ages,
2. You get a 1 hour lesson given by one of our instructors
3. You only need to bring your trainers, we supply the rackets
4. We abide by the Covid-19 regulations.
If you enjoy our clinics then we have a summer offer for you.
A short term membership from June through to September, the membership will automaticly stop at
the end of the offer.
To sign-up or for more infomation go to
Brian Hoogwoud
TV Bokt