Tennis for the youngest youth`s by TV Bokt.

Tennis for the youngest youth`s by TV Bokt.                                                                     
Tenniskids Blue has been specially set up for the youngest youth.
On the 30th june 2021 we will start a 9 week cycle on wednesdag afternoon`s at 15.00.
The program is specially developed for children between 4 and 6 years and they can easily learn the
basic knowledge of tennis.
Using various different playful exercises the children will be able to develope their first ball to racket
skills, the most important aspect is that the children enjoy themselves as well as learning. An
example is ball games with or without the racket, the exercise is always in tune with the age of the
The children do not have to be a member of the tennis club and all they need is a pair of sport shoes.
All children between the ages of 4 to 6 years are welcome.
For more information why not take a look at our website .
If you want to sign your child up please send a mail to .
We hope to see your children on the tennis court soon.
The youth committee TV Bokt, Odette Struycken en Hans Coops.