The anniversary party is canceled.

  • From the Committee.
    The anniversary party is canceled.
    In the last issue we announced a 30th anniversary party for the neighbourhood committee. Winter
    on the square. We have been busy for several weeks with the arrangements and then there was the
    press conference on the 12th November 2021, that as result of increasing corona infections there
    would be new rules announced, with this information the committee gathered and came to the
    conclusion that unfortunately , even though a lot of work had been put in, that the party could not
    take place at this moment in time, but at a later date.
    The current rules are in place until 3 December, and with the amount of infections still not
    decreasing we fully expect them to be extended, with this in mind there would be to many limits on
    all the Blixembosch inhabitants to be able to enjoy the party properly. Of course the committee also
    would not want any further infection to be spread through all the habitants van Blixembosch during
    an event that would be visited by a large number of you.
    But don`t despair, it is being put on ice until next year and we hope to have a big party in the
    spring/summer of 2022.
    As a result of the closing time of 20.00 the volunteers evening was also canceled. There was also for
    this an enjoyable evening of activities put together and about 100 of you had signed-up to take part,
    we hope to be able to do this evening in the early part of next year. All volunteers will get more
    information as soon as possible.
    Search for a new committee member.
    We are looking for a new member to join our committee that will look out for the youth in the
    neighbourhood, this is now really needed in view of the problems around the ouverture square, this
    demands attention from all parties involved. From the committee you will take part in the action
    Hart for Blixems youth. Does this attract your attention and do you think you could help the youth I
    Blixembosch, then make contact via
    Thankyou from the committee.
    Jacques Borsboom