The family spektakel is back this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you there ????
The family spektakel is back this year .                         

On 3td ,4th and 5th September 2021.Have you saved the date in
your diary? Yes?? Then that`s good and we will looking forward to seeing you all in the Aanschotpark.
No?? then quickly make a note in your diary and have a good think about which activities you want
to participate in, for inspiration why not take a look on our website
All the latest covid developments are looking very good and hopefully we will be able to close the
summer holiday together in our traditional manner, with the familyspektakel, the 29th edition.
The script has been dusted off and the main group of organizers have been getting together as have
the blixemkids, the zeskamp group and running group Blixemsnel are all thinking of how we can best
achieve a great weekend.
This is a party for and made possible by the people of blixembosch, everybody is more than
Do you want to help, then let us know, it can be with input for the weekend program or setting
things up or in the weekend itself, there are many possibilites.
We are looking for enthusiastic people to help build the various activities, the party tent, etc, etc,
Do you have a couple of hours to help out then let us know
We are always very happy and appreciate every hour you can help. All the blixemboscher will also be
very happy with all your inset for our 29th familiespektakel.
We are really looking forward to seeing you all at the Aanschotpark, eat a snack, have a drink or just
enjoy the activities.
See you on the 3rd, 4th and 5th september!!

Are you as exciting as we are for the “Familiespektakel” to start? Without our volunteers there would be no “Familiespektakel”. So please sign up as a volunteer for this amazing event!


Corinne,Korbi, Harm, Marcel, Bart and Twan.