The Library – Development of people.

The Library – Development of people.
Is a library a house full of books or is it much more? Over a period of time I have participated in
various activities from the library in Eindhoven. In a short amount of time I have learn`t a lot and
from there comes this column!
How do you keep your brain healthy? By the Brain foundation.
Firstly I participated in an interactive Zoom meeting. This was easy from out of my home with a
pleasant cup of tea. We did an interactieve game over this subject and there was one conclusion,
your brain is healthier by relaxing in a comfortable chair and reading a good book.
Free careers advice.
During a sort of speed date in the Witte Dame, I got advice from Catrien, she is a careers coach, she
said make a definite story with focus, say what problem and for who you are solving it.
Catrien also gave profiles from others as inspiration. I even got a professional portrait foto, I use this
on my Linkedin page. This I thought was a useful present!!
Free yourrself from difficult emotions.
On a Monday evening there was a Zoom meeting with Yvonne Toeset. Yvonne explained how you
can free yourself from negative emotions via the EFT method. This was especially our young people
who have problems caused by the Corona crisis. We trained in this method by beating on certain
places on your body and saying calming sentences. This calmed me down a lot, it helps to deal with
setbacks and strengthen your resillience. I will be reading her e-book over EFT in the library.
The digi café.
Several times a month there is a digi café in the Witte Dame. Here the are experts with portable
apparatus(telephone, tablet, e-reader), they also help with the use of the internet services from the
government. There is also a Klik and Tik meeting in the meeting centre the Dommelbeemd Bieb in
Vaartbroek. Help with problems can be very helpful.
I also help the library with research. I invite you to tell me what you think over the nibrary in
Eindhoven.Why do you go? What do you find good? Or why do you not go to the library, what is is it
you dislike? What are you wishes for the library, all reactions are welcome. I discuss them
anonimously in the library. My e-mail address is
Hans Baaijens
Fan of the library.