Update on De Plasteau ! ( okt 2020 )

Update on De Plateau
If you have taken a walk around De Velden going towards De Plateau you may have wondered why it
appears that the work has stopped, well that is because the first phase is finished. The council and
the contractors moved a lot of ground, the whole area is now ready to build on and the roads and
paths can now clearly be seen.
What is the plan now??
The developer BPD has this week given a short update.
Phase 2 is being worked on behind the scenes, at the moment the council are researching into all
aspects of the development of the houses, this will then be put before the Welstandcommissie, there
after the all the permits should be given.
The architect bureau SVP will then make an image plan that will be further made concrete and the
program will then be finalized.
What does that mean for interested parties? It is expected that the concrete plans will be presented
in the 2 nd quarter 2021. Depending on the interest from potential new residents it is expected that
the building will commence at the end of 2021, this is expected to take about a year to complete. It is
expected that half way through 2022 the first new residents will be able to move in to De Plateau.
Margreeth Haagsman