Winter clean-up.

Winter clean-up.
It is the autumn again and that means that the leaves will be falling again! It also means that the
drains will be blocked , but to stop that from happening the roads will be swept and we will once
again have a clean neighbourhood. Of course it goes without saying for this to happen we need your
help! The council sweeps the roads in the neighbourhood twice a year, and with all the cars parked it
makes it difficult for the workers to do there job properly, so on one day the even side of the road
will be swept and on the uneven day the other side will be done. So keep an eye out for the poster at
the entrance to the neighbourhood for information when your part of the neighbourhood is set to be
swept. On the days given we ask you not to park your car between 08.00 and 17.00 on the side that
will be swept.
With many people still working from home it is sometimes difficult to move your car, but please try
your best.
Monday 15th nov. even numbers and Tuesday 16th nov. uneven numbers Sprookesbosch and English
Wednesday 17th nov. even numbers and Thursday 18th nov. uneven numbers Italian and French
Wednesday 24th nov. even numbrs and Thursday 25th nov. uneven numbers American
The Gem stone neighbourhood will be done seperately. For this there are no notification via the
Blixemflitsen! So keep an eye out for the posters by the entrance from that side if the
The companies work all year through to keep our neighbourhood clean and not just twice a year!
The above information can be found on a map on
Annie Ouberg en Tine v.d.Velde
Co-ordinators sweep action.