YvYa-Event, #wedoitforthegirls

Are you coming too?? The YvYa event #wedoitforthegirls on the 9th October

It is not even a year ago that the YvYa foundation was started by 5 women including 2 from here in blixembosch.
The reason for this was to make it possible for the development of the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer, and as quickly as possible,
that a prototype has been realised within a year is beyond our wildest dreams. Our dream is coming true!!

We would like to invite you to our neighbourhood event “YvYa comes to you” on the 9th october in the community centre VTA Blixems between 11.00 and 13.45.#wedoitforthegirls.
During this event we want to address a very difficult subject and the necessity for a early diagnosis in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This is very important for all women young and old.

This is an initation for everybody including all expats, our YvYa ambassader, Vinuta Hegde from blixembosch will also be present.
It, of course speaks for itself that we follow the current regulations concerning covid, so it is safe and enjoyable.
From all the YvYa ambassaders from blixembosch.

Barbara, Marianne, Marijke, Sandra and Vinuta.